Bowel of the Ball Limited - Supporting bowel disease and related illness in our Community
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Bowel of the Ball's FIRST support afternoon

Please join us for our first support afternoon
Sunday the 2nd June 2013 @ 2pm
Come along and help us celebrate our first official function as a Registered Charity, and hear about the future for Bowel of the Ball.
A casual afternoon full of laughs, designed for you to meet others in similar circumstances to you!!!

Special Guests Dr Simon Keely, from the HMRI and Stomal therapist extraordinaire Jill Fairhall will be there to chat too and ask questions!

We are Encouraging carers to come along as well as those with bowel disease! :-)
Please go to our event on Facebook to register your interest/attendance:

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Bowel of the Ball's FIRST support afternoon
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Bowel of the Ball's FIRST support afternoon
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Bowel of the Ball's FIRST support afternoon
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